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Last updated on Sep 20th 2022

Returns and Refunds Policy. Thank you for shopping at

  1. The refund for the courses joined, and paid for, at Techxr shall be governed by the following policy.
  2. Definition
    1. The Course price will be referred to as “Sale Price”.
    2. The Hard goods which are included in the course will be referred to as “Kit”.
    3. The date at which course will start will be referred to as “Course Start Date
    4. The Kit includes a) Virtual Reality Headset b) Developer Cube which will be shipped on the day of payment.
    5. Processing Fee shall be taken as Rs. 500 when the Kit is returned in original shape and Rs. 2000 otherwise.
  3. Where a user has decided to quit the course he/she can seek a Refund of the course fee, within one week of the course commencement, but not thereafter, by intimating to the course team in writing about the decision to seek an exit.
  4. The amount refunded to the user shall be dependent on the time at which the refund is applied and shall be governed by this refund policy.
  5. Where a refund request is raised before the Course Start Date, the full amount will be refunded, deducting the Processing Fee.
  6. Where a refund request is raised anytime within 7 days of Course Start Date, then full amount will be refunded after deducting the (a) Processing Fee, and (b) Rs. 1000.
  7. Where a refund request is raised anytime after the 7 days of Course Start Date, no amount will be refunded.
  8. You can contact Course Coordinator at to raise a refund request.
  9. Amount will be credited to the source payment method within 5 to 7 days after the refund is processed.

For any other queries please contact us at

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